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Business Title

Per Project Services - OR - Full Marketing Services

Why choose 'The Farrell Edge' for your advertising?

If you could spend two hours with every potential customer in your market and let them try your product or service, listen to your unique selling proposition, and hear your passion... how much do you think your business would grow? 

People aren't doing business with you because they don't like you... in most cases they don't even know you exist. You NEED to be on their radar. That's where we will help. 

In retail it's location, location, location. 
In advertising it's IMPRESS, IMPRESS, IMPRESS!
If you are not impressing people, you will end up spending more in media dollars trying to convince the public that you are good at what you do. 

Expert business coaching for small to medium sized businesses. Over 30 years experience with award-winning writing, producing and directing. Helped many companies double and triple sales from sound planning, research and execution. Aired productions in over 200 markets throughout the USA and Canada. From TV/Radio to Digital advertising, we do it all. Get the advice of a large ad agency at a consulting price. 

Production Services

Additional Services

Social Media/Digital

Development and Design for Websites

TV, Video, and Radio Production

Banner Ads


Direct Mail


Email Marketing

Writing for Productions and Websites

Brand Development


Media Placement

Setting Goals and Budget


Vehicle Logo's and Wraps


Design and Layout Services

Reputation Management

Our Passion...

To provide business owners with a strong, unique brand identity that cuts through the advertising
clutter to get noticed. Our dedicated team will focus on getting your company positioned for success
through sound research, marketing strategy and goal setting. Our ultimate goal for our clients is to
provide a pathway to success that allows for financial security for their employees and families. 


Let us concentrate on your marketing

so you can focus on running your business

Contact US

The Farrell Edge
275 Maywood Drive
Rochester, NY 14618 |  Tel: 585 683 4581

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