Social Media

We offer Social Media Strategies that align with your company's goals and objectives. 

Examples of Social Media Post Concepts:  

Posting New Videos - Increase 
reach and engagement
Themed Posts - Testimonial Tuesday for Example
Seasonal Based - Offers and Discounts
Exciting New Services/Products
Pushing Blog Content - Driving people to the website
Bre Morris - Social Media Lead
Creating Excitement for Upcoming Events

Examples of Recent Social Media Concepts

Examples of Organic & Paid Ads

Videos and Social Media - Why it's so important

Facebook has the largest audience of any social network, with more than 2.07 billion monthly active users. That’s more than one-third of the world’s population, and a whole lot of those people are watching video. Around 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook. Source:

64% of consumers say watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision in the last month. Source:

Examples of different types of videos for use on Social Media and your website: 

Meet the Owner
Tips of the Trade/Informational
Customer Testimonials
Fun Approach - Seasonal Based
Professional Branding

So that's great you can help us with                    Social Media & Videos

BUT what about the NUMBERS?

We Provide: 

2019 ROC Airshow 
     Final Report

Weekly and monthly check-in (by phone or in person).  

Quarterly analytic report generation.

What DO the Numbers Mean?

The Social Media numbers tell the story of engagement

which is important. However, as a business owner, you may be thinking - does it translate to sales? Marketing strategy

is all encompassing and social media is just a piece of the puzzle. With that being said, social media is an essential component because it serves as the official handshake,

inviting people to learn more about who you are and what

you have to offer, which then over time, supports overall

sales and sucess!.


Our clients find comfort in knowing that we do great work in order to ensure their overall happiness. In our book, we are only successful if our clients are successful. 

We love creating the magic with our clients

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