Our Story

•  A second generation auto repair owner, after losing business for 2 years, wanted to get out of the business. After designing a new marketing plan, and looking at their business in a new light, they are now performing at capacity.

• Local glass shop - Insurance companies were getting involved in the glass industry so the owners feared they were not going to survive against the larger shops. They were one of the smaller glass shops making 200,000 a year. Within 2 years, they doubled their business. Within 10 years, they grew to the largest glass shop in their market with over 3 million in sales.

Local restaurant struggling - We met with them, got them involved in a strong marketing plan. We grew their business by 2 more locations and more than quadrupled their sales.

•  4th ranked Ford dealership in a market - After developing a marketing and unique image plan for them, they grew to the number 1 position. Because of strong creative, they ended up spending half the money on media as their closest competitor and still sold more vehicles on a consistent monthly basis.

•  33 year old pool dealer - Went from 1.1 to 2.2 million in sales the first year working with our company.

Another Pool dealer doubled their sales while spending $50,000 less on their advertising.

•  60 year old bike shop – grew sales from 210,000 (on their best year) to 750,000 in the first year alone while winning three creative awards.

•  Established 25 year old liquor store – They increased their sales from 1.7 to 2.7 million+ in first year of working with us.

“Bob Farrell was employed by Nexstar for three years as our eMedia Manager for WROC TV in Rochester NY. I got to personally know Bob when we both conducted a comprehensive internet marketing seminar in Rochester together. I found Bob to be insightful, approachable, knowledgeable and very experienced in the areas of marketing and advertising.
Bob effortlessly applies his wealth of real-world digital media and marketing knowledge in highly creative and insightful ways.
I look forward to continuing our relationship throughout the coming years.”

Marc Montoya, Senior Vice President, eMEDIA Sales and Operations, Nexstar Broadcasting Group - Dallas, TX

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